MST Multipurpose Saw

This high-quality, multipurpose saw blade comes with a Lifetime Replacement Plan. You can return it at any time, in any condition, and receive a $50 credit towards a new blade. Shipping is free.
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Specially designed for ripping and cross-cutting in solid wood, plywood, and particle board. Made to obtain a high performance with a precise cut. Thicker European style carbide tips to last longer than the competition. Large gullets for better chip evacuation. To keep you up and running, we also offer a sharpening service. Any carbide blade that is up to 14” diameter and 80 teeth can be shipped to us and sharpened for $30, which includes return shipping. Ship saw blades (for credit or sharpening) to:
  • Mathieu Saw & Tool, INC
  • Lewiston Industrial Park
  • 7 Industrial Street
  • Lewiston, Maine 04240
Please include your contact information (shipping address, phone number, and email address).


  • 10" Sawblade
  • .126" kerf
  • .087" Plate
  • 5/8" Arbor
  • 50 Teeth
  • 15 Degree Hook


Circular Carbide Saw Grinding: High Speed Steel Saw Grinding: Straight Knife Grinding: Grinding for Shaper Cutters, Boring Bits, and Routers:
Circular Carbide Saw Grinding: We specialize in the regrinding and rebuilding of Carbide Circular saws from 3'' to 40'' in diameter. Our technicians use computer-controlled grinders to ensure that manufacturer's tolerances and tooth geometries are replicated on a consistent basis. A 400-grit finish is used on general-purpose saws and a 600-grit finish is used on all fine tooth and specialty application saws. High-speed steel metal cutting cold saws are reground or retoothed using automatic equipment with a range of 4'' to 60'' in diameter. These grinders can reproduce triple chip or high low grind, straight tooth, alternating tooth, or stainless steel tooth configurations that are required for ferrous and non-ferrous cutting applications. We sharpen carbide and high speed steel straight knives such as planer knives, chipper knives, paper knives, sheeter knives, metal cutting shear knives, press brakes, ice resurfacing knives, and granulator knives, up to 144in. employing up-to-date CNC knife grinders. The knives are professionally hand-honed to produce a razor sharp edge and micro-finish. These cutting tools are ground on industrial quality tool and cutter grinders using premium diamond and Borazon grinding wheels. They are rough ground to manufacturers specifications and then finish ground for the best possible cutting edge.

Hand Saws

    • 4 – 12 Point Saws
    • Mitre/Back Saw
    • Keyhole Saw
    • Pruning Saw
    • 1 + 2 Man Crosscut
    • PVC Saw

Steel Circular Saws (Wood Cutting)

    • Rip/Chisel Tooth
    • Fine Tooth
    • Planer Combination
    • Cordwood Saws
    • HSS Metal Cutting Saws
    • Dado Sets
    • Slitter Blades

Carbide Circular Saws

    • Up to 40" Carbide Saws
    • Strobe Saw
    • Edge/Split Saws
    • Solid Carbide Slitting Saws
    • Carbide Dado Sets
    • Adjustable Dados
Note: Carbide Tip Replacement Available

Straight Knives

    • HSS Planer Knives
    • Carbide Planer Knives
    • Paper Knives
    • Chipper Knives
    • Metal Cutting Shears
    • Press Brakes
    • Frame Knives
    • Ice Resurfacing Knives
    • Spiral Planers
    • HSS Knives
    • Carbide Knives

Router Bits

    • Straight Flute Routers
    • Form or Pattern Bit Routers
    • CNC/Large Pattern Bits
    • Spiral Routers
    • Spiral Compression Routers


    • Wood Chisels
    • Cold Chisels
    • Lathe Chisels
    • Hand Planes

Boring Bits

    • HSS Twist Drills
    • Carbide Masonry Drills
    • HSS Brad Point Drills
    • Carbide Brad Point Drills
    • Spade Drills
    • HSS Spur Drills
    • Counterbores
    • Countersinks
    • HSS Multi Spur Drills
    • Carbide Multi Spur Drills
    • HSS Auger Drills
    • HSS Hole Saws
    • Carbide Hole Saws
    • Uni-Bits
    • Mortise Chisels
    • Mortise Drills
    • HSS Forstner Drills


    • Fabric up to 8”
    • Upholstery over 8”
    • Pinking Shears
    • Embroidery Shears
    • Thread Nippers
    • Standard Barber Shears
    • Razor Shears
    • Notching/Thinning Shears
    • Tin Snips
    • Clippers (human/dog)
    • Clippers (horse/sheep)

Lawn & Garden Tools

    • Standard Rotary Mower Blades
    • Commercial Rotary Mower Blades
    • Mulching Mower Blades
    • Reel Mowers
    • Grass Trimmers (hand)
    • Grass Trimmers (electric)
    • Hedge Shears (hand)
    • Hedge Shears (electric)
    • Hedge Shears (gas)
    • Pruning Shears
    • Lopping Shears
    • Axe (single bit)
    • Axe (double bit)
    • Machetes
    • Grass Whips
    • Bow Saws
    • Stump Grinders


    • Wood Splitting Wedge
    • Ice Auger (Jiffy)
    • Ice Auger (Eskimo)
    • Kitchen Knives
    • Hunting Knives (razor edge)
    • Electric Knife Blades
    • Serrated Knives
    • Spoke Shave/Draw Knives
    • Shell Mills up to 2”
    • End Grind 2 1/8”- 3”
    • End Grind 3 1/8” – 4”


    • Shaper Cutters
    • Raised Panel Cutters
    • Slot or Groove Cutters
    • Chain Saws
    • Brush Saw Blades
    • Paper Cutting Boards
For a complete sharpening price list or to speak with one of our skilled technicians, please come visit our shop in the Lewiston Industrial Park or call (207) 783-9087.




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About Us

For more than 34 years, Mathieu Saw & Tool, Inc. has been sharpening cutting tools to manufacturer’s specifications. The result is increased production and longer tool life for our customers. Our technicians operate state-of-the-art American, German, and Italian built equipment that hold tolerances of + or - .001''. We also use the best quality abrasives and coolants to give you the finest polished edge possible. Our technicians inspect the cutting tools for wear and damage and then regrind the tools to factory specifications. We offer a convenient pick-up and delivery service to commercial customers in certain parts of Maine. If the distance is too far to travel, we will package your tools and ship them to you. We also welcome walk-ins.

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